Sunday, 7 April 2013

RAW pm

RAW pm needs YOUR information!

Palace FM is a new community radio station based in Redcar, starting on 29th April. Every Monday afternoon there will be an arts-focused programme from 2-4, RAW pm.

RAW pm, broadcast live from the Palace FM studio in the Palace Hub building on Redcar's seafront, will be a mixture of news, discussion, reports and music. This is a call for all information about exhibitions, performances, events - anything to do with the arts - so that we can share it with our listeners. If you are an arts organisation, engaged in an arts project, running arts courses, trying to communicate with people in any way about the arts then we may be able to amplify your voice! Get in touch.

We are listening a lot ourselves at the moment to ideas anyone may have as to what they'd like to hear covered in an arts programme for the Teesside region and beyond. Please let us have your views.

This is an exciting new venture - we invite you to join us on our journey.

Facebook: RAW pm
Twitter: @rawdotpm

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Hickson Photography

Readers of this blog will be familiar with us under our PLaIT branding which majors on academic photography and tuition. We also have a PLaIT Facebook page. If you haven't done so already, it would be great (assuming you're on Facebook) if you would 'like' it. If you're a user of Twitter, you can follow us there, too: @PLAITLearning.

For a while we've been looking for a space in which to carry out our cyanotype work, process and print (including large format), set up a small studio area and have a public-facing office. The news is that we shall be moving into the new Palace Hub building on Redcar seafront next month. The building is still being completed (and we've insisted that they give us a bigger sink!) so we're not holding our breath for a precise moving-in date but, nonetheless, are hoping that it'll be 18th February. We're really excited about this. In addition to teaching and pursuing our own fine art photography practice we'll be returning to doing some studio/social work as well - and we're looking forward to forging working relationships with other photographers in the Redcar area.

We have decided to build a different but related brand for this new venture, which we see as a part of PLaIT. We've opted for a basic, 'what it says on the tin' approach and so ... *fanfare* ... welcome to 'Hickson Photography'.

We have a shiny new website:  - there's a link at the top of this blog. This is still under development so consider it a sneaky preview if you choose to take a look! Naturally there's a Facebook page, too (please 'like' us), and a Twitter identity: @hicksonphotos.

PlaIT will be offering courses in Redcar in the future but that will be in addition to, rather than as a replacement for, the work we already do in Saltburn, East Cleveland and, indeed, beyond.

Oh yes ... and we'll be having a party/open evening/office warming. Watch this space!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Our new course, Improve Your Photography, starts on 20th February. 
Click here for details. 

Thursday, 29 November 2012

You See What I See

Earlier this year we were delighted to be approached by Fran Hunnisett with a view to working with her on a photography project with young adults diagnosed with autism.

Fran is the author of 'The Little Class With The Big Personality'...

...available here.

There are lots of photographs taken of autistic children, perhaps none more powerful than Timothy Archibald's project 'Echolilia'...


...which can be seen here.

Fran, however, intended the You See What I See project to put young people with autism behind the camera, to give them a voice with which to express their creativity and share their vision. It was not to be another project looking at them.

Designing workshops for this group of people was a challenge. Delivering them proved to be hugely rewarding...

...and led to a very successful exhibition at Stockton Central Library and the publication of a book...

...available here.

You See What I See is ongoing. Future exhibition dates and venues are already in place and we shall be continuing our work with the existing group as well as working with new individuals and groups.

You can find out more by visiting the YSWIS website here. You can contact Fran directly by emailing her:

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Make your own Cyanotype workshop

A selection of images from our recent Cyanotype adult course :

(c) 2012 Stephen Baird

(c) 2012 Sally Philpott

(c) 2012 Malcolm Noble

(c) 2012 Jean Hardy

(c) 2012 Steve Perkins

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Day in the Life

If you are interested in having a photographic record of a day in the life of your school, (or any other organisation!) please click on the tab above for details of how we can help.